Thai massage

Massage for pregnant women makes easier the adaptation to changes in mother's body and helps to eliminate tiredness and stress. The peculiarity of this massage technique is that it acts on the woman and also on the unborn child. Mother during pregnancy massages is tuned to her baby, imagining it, looking him/her in the eyes, smile at him/her, and it affords her to experience moments of connection between the two human beings. This form of prenatal communication makes easier and faster creation of strong bonds between mother and her child after birth. Regular massages for pregnant facilitate pregnancy and childbirth.

Essential oils used in massage are selected on the basis of the current problems of each woman and also by stage of the pregnancy. They can help with removal of stress and fear of childbirth, but they can also be effective helpers in solving problems with swelling that often accompany pregnancy.

During 60 minutes is the primary attention on back and neck massage. Therapy is then topped with a deeply relaxing massage of the face and neck.

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